28 October 2006

Being Sick

Well, it looks like all this hard work trying to balance a personal life with work and school has finally taken a massive chunk out of my health. Since Wednesday I've been fighting what seemed like just allergies, gradually getting worse and culminating into a sore, congested, incredibly tired body on Friday. This caused me to miss school on Friday, and call out sick. Fortunately, I was able to get plenty of rest, and even my girlfriend was able to see me and comfort me while I was sick. Today I woke up and am writing this fighting the harsh coughs that generate from deep within, and I am left at the mercy of the pain inside my throat. It sucks that I had to have gotten sick on Friday on through the weekend, since my weekends are usually spent with my girlfriend since we have almost no other time when we can see each other. Well, today I'm going to try to get ready to go on to her house (taking my homework for school with me) so that I can spend what I have left of my weekend with her. I love her so much, and it pains me to no end that I have gotten sick during the time when we can see each other. What about her getting sick, you ask? Well, she says its okay, and since she's already come in contact with me yesterday, I don't see why it wouldn't make any difference now. The only thing I regret is not being able to come up last night to see her, but as soon as she left my house, I started to feel horrible, the soreness coming back, the sniffling, the tiredness. I have to admit that DayQuil is amazing, but when it wears off, it definitely reminds you of just how much better you feel with it in your system. So, with this, I begin what I need to do today so that I can go see her today. Wish me luck on fighting this bug, whatever it may be.

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