13 October 2006

No More Patience

As it was stated in my blog post "Prime Numbers" not too long ago, I said that there are a few things that I am unhappy with about my employers as well as whether or not I'd like working here under their jurisdiction in a few weeks. Well the jury has returned earlier than expected, and the verdict is that this has to be the worst company to work for! Probably even more so than Pacifica, but this company clearly does not know what is required when opening up stores for the first time in a market they've never sold for. First off, especially with sales associates that have already been there and not liked the frequent pushes from upper management to perform (how are we to perform when people a) are not coming in or, b) not willing to buy no matter what reason you can come up with why they should?) for reasons of quotas, it does not help to tell me (or anyone else here) to make sales. Sales don't grow on trees people. Granted, the commissions are higher (though chargebacks are an ugly mar on a rather excellent structure) and drive us to sell, there should be no reason to continually push what can not be done. Every one of us here at my store knows that we always want to at least squeeze out whatever little bit we can to make money whilst maintaining that the customer gets what they want and need so they have no complaints later, and there is no reason why we wouldn't try if we have the potential of making almost 1000 extra bucks. So why the constant push? Because they don't understand how we think.
I've gotten to the point where I want to leave really bad. I've put in my resume two a couple different places already that pay almost 1.5 to over 2 times as much as what I make now (part-time and flexible hours even!) in the field of my career - and I'm continually going to look for alternatives. Let me tell you one thing. If this keeps up, I definitely won't be working here much longer.

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