06 September 2006

Frustrating Problems of Life

Well, its been a little while since my last post, but after reading the following, you'll understand why its been so long. I have discovered for myself since my last post why people prefer to NOT WORK while they are in college, especially when you're in a physical university; or if you have to work, why you would choose a part-time job that is easy & flexible while going to college. It seems that at universities, what is required of you increases 10-fold than if you went to a community college before a university, as I had done. To make matters worse, the structure of the time consumed at a university and at home doing the homework or study work is greater than any time you could have for work and personal life together. Sacrifices have to be made.
Before classes started, I realized this unfortunate fact and adjusted my schedule at work to be less demanding of my attention so that I could devote my efforts at school. I also realized that school, as it is so demanding, would take precedence over personal life. Adjusting these too factors seemed to make sense and looked like they would work, but, alas, there is yet 3 more things that I failed to take into account that are more important than all other things: sleep, transportation time, and eating. Each one of these require, to some extent, a significant amount of time. Well, now that I have started classes, I have found that I have had less time to do anything, including eat and sleep. I have until the middle of December before my classes end (then a few weeks until the next batch of classes), and I'm only a couple weeks into my current semester and I'm getting worn out. Lets just say that my typical week can be modelled after a math equation:
T = S1 + H + W + T + E + S2 + G + F where each variable stands for the following (those in [..] can not be changed and those in (..) are a little more flexible):

  • T = [168 hours/week]
  • S1 = [10 hours at school]
  • H = (≥ 10 hours of homework)
  • W = (20to 24 hours of work)
  • T = (4 to 5 hours of transportation time)
  • E = (3 to 4 hours of eating)
  • S2 = [≥ 49 hours of sleep]
  • G = (≥ 12 hours of time spent with my girlfriend)
  • F = (≥ 0 hours of free time)

Now, if you were to take each one of the minimum amounts of time of each variable, you will find that in a given week of 168 hours (24*7), my time is consumed to the tune of 118 hours per week at a minimum! This means that I only have 50 hours per week of free time, or the equivalent to about 7 hours per day; this time however, is spent on the weekends, mostly with my girlfriend, so it would increase G to more than 48 hours, thus if time spent with my girlfriend was 60 hours per week, I would only have 2 hours of free time left per week, usually spent getting up in the morning.
As you can see, my time is extremely valuable, and I frequently spend large majorities of it on my girlfriend (because I love her so much!), work (because I have to have money to pay for school), and school (for a number of reasons, some obvious to everybody, some not). I'm trying to adjust to the hectic lifestyle that I currently lead, but it isn't easy. I currently have some ideas on how I am going to fix this, but until I can implement them, they'll just be ideas.

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ajpapa.net said...

Its funny because I went through the same revelation. What is even more frustrating is that your friends and family do not understand that College is very demanding. They don't understand the type of time commitment that college needs. They figure that it is like extended high school which is far from the truth.

Heres a general rule of thumb that might help you in your equation. My counselor told me once that for every 1 hour of class you spend 2.5 hours outside of class on homework and study. So far I have to say its generally true.