10 August 2006

A Word on Good Food

Okay, okay, I know eating a foot-long grinder smothered in cheese, containing 4 different types of meat with a garlic sauce is not the most healthy thing for me to eat, but it is damn good though. I just finish half of one of Leonardi's 5-meat grinders (with the Canadian-style bacon removed since I don't like it) and have to admit that since my girlfriend introduced me to it, I've fallen in love with it. ITS SO GOOD! I've never heard of Leonardi's until a Winco Foods Supermarket opened up near my work, and never ate there until my girlfriend introduced it to it. But I can tell you it is awesome! A little on the salty side, but awesome! So, if you're ever near a Winco, try a 5-meat (minus the Canadian-style bacon) grinder. You may like it, you may not, but its definitely something worth trying. :)
Don't worry, I'm not endorsing Winco or Leonardi's, I just thought you'd like to hear about what I have found to be pretty darn good.

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