18 August 2006

Uncanny Resemblances

Its kind of strange, but recently my brother & my girlfriend have been heavily enamored in The Sims 2. Weird how both would be interested in the game at about the same time, but then again, I probably can see why.
For my brother, he loves to plan and build things. He owns Rollercoaster Tycoon, The Sims 1 & 2, Black & White, almost the entire Command & Conquer series, and other strategy-type games, so its easy to see why he likes the games so much.
My girlfriend, on the other hand, loves The Sims 2 for other reasons: its uncanny resemblances to what actually occurs in real life. In the game, she created her family and made the Sims look almost like what they do in real life. She even went into their horoscopes and made sure the Sims reflected their real-life counterparts. The weird thing is that the Sims do what their real-life counterparts do without telling them to do otherwise. She even went as far as creating herself and a Sim for me and found that they too were attracted to each other as we are. Heck, my Sim reflects my nack for electronics, and even my enjoyment in wearing nice clothing.
I have to admit, the idea behind The Sims game is very creative, if not scary on how strange it seems to be in reflecting real-life events.

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