17 August 2006

San Diego Stuff

Well, considering I work so much, I was able to take yesterday off in celebration of my Mom's birthday, and my brother, my Mom, and I all went down to San Diego to spend time around the town. Unfortunately, I had to stop off at my school first since I found out that I had accidentally purchased the same book twice. So, we got there and I bought my exchanged my extra book with a math book I needed and we were off.
We first stopped off at Rubio's for some fish tacos, which I have to admit are pretty good. After chowing down on some grub, we all went to Fry's Electronics. My mom wanted to see if they had a polerizer for the telephoto lens of her sweet Nikon D50 SLR camera. Unfortunately, no dice. But what we did; find was a peculiarity of an accessory for iPods. It was the iCarta toliet paper dispensing iPod external speaker. Yes, you heard right, a speaker system for the iPod that dispenses toliet paper. The device (picture at the right) is mounted on the wall where your toliet paper would normally reside. Honestly though, if you really needed such a contraption, you really need to see a mental professional about OCD.
Afterwards, we went down to Ocean Beach, but took a side trip to Belmont Park, where we walked around checking out the carnival style atmosphere that the small amusement park provided. I thought it would be a good place to go on a date and hang out for a while, and it was reasonably priced to boot - $20 a person for unlimited rides! Pretty sweet!
Finally, after hanging out at Belmont, we decided to go check out a farmer's market down in Ocean Beach. I was surprised to see so many people seeing flowers - I think I counted something like 5 people. My mom took some pictures of them to use in her Photoshop projects, so hopefully they come out okay. After the market (and an ice cream at Rite Aid), we headed down to Pappy's Point (search for it on Google Maps if you don't know where I'm talking about) to watch the sunset. Serenity.
After all that, we headed back home and prepared ourselves for slumber and yet another day of chaos.

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