15 August 2006

RAZRs Can Kill You

So, working as an agent for Cingular Wireless, I've found that nearly everybody has a Motorola RAZR now. My grandmother has one, nearly every customer that comes in has one. Its insane, because people keep buying it, but its the same exact thing (with some minor modifications) that was originally released about a year or two ago. Its an old phone, and a lot of people complain about the various problems with it (dropped calls, white screens, low volume, battery issues, the list goes on), but the wierd thing is that people buy it because of its looks. I don't know why people like the looks of it; its an ugly phone and does not fit in your hand very well.
Another thing is how people are unwilling to spend any money on phones. They argue "Well, I'm signing up with service, why should I pay for a phone?" Uh, let me ask you a question: 1) When you got phone service from the phone company for your house, did they provide you a phone? The answer: no, because if they did give you a landline phone, they would roll it into the installation charge (or add it as part of your first monthly bill). People, nothing is free anymore. You all want the most expensive phones but don't want to pay for it. You want the cheapest plans, then complain that you go over and blame us, the sales reps, for not getting the right plan for you despite our sincerest efforts. Heck, we always tell you to get high plans, but you're unwilling to pay for them.
In conclusion, I find myself hating people more and more over how cheap they are when it comes to buying anything, and then they always complain that they didn't get what they didn't pay for. I'm off my soapbox now.

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