08 August 2006


Well, once again I feel as if my life is dictated by nothing more than deadlines. I've been moving from day-to-day crossing more things off my task list, all the while adding more and more to it. Is it only me that feels as if we go through life as if it was just one big deadline? I mean, we all have things we need to do before we die, and it almost always seems as if we never have enough time to do what we want to do. If we intend to have kids, women need to have them all before they hit a certain age, but it seems like in this day and age, we a) can't afford to have a kid or a house, and b) have little time anymore to even take care of the child. Its ridiculous now how much time we spend working, but how much time we have for our own personal lives its almost nil. I know I spend way too much of my personal time working when I really don't have to, but as my bosses tell me, its part of my job.I just wish people didn't have such strict timelines that they would constantly set deadlines for nearly every little thing. I already have to put up with a bunch of stress that I don't need, and all I want to do is enjoy the company of the people I love and relax. I guess in today's fast-paced atmosphere, that's just too much to ask. Oh well.

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