18 August 2006

Corruption Too Close to Home

Well, I just read in a local newspaper titled Valley News that was released to my store today that former Murrieta Mayor Jack van Haaster was arrested on August 15th on 10 counts of felony charges (forgery and perjury) and 5 other misdemeanor counts for violating conflict of interest laws. It is amazing that, in such a small town as Murrieta, that such corruption still exists. You wonder what other dark secrets the politicians in small hometowns such as mine have. As I always knew, I couldn't trust politicians, one of the reasons why I hate voting in elections now; it seems as though you don't vote for who you believe in the most, but who is the lesser of two evils (or multiple evils, depending on the type of election). Even the ballot measures are riddled with corrupt clauses designed to pay off certain people or things that are unnecessary. One of the necessary evils in living in this world today, I guess.

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