20 August 2006


Well, it comes time now for me to say "Goodbye" to my full-time position where I work. Because of issues with scheduling between school and work, I had to cut my 40-hour per week paycheck in more than half in order to have enough time to go to school and be able to do the schoolwork required of me when I'm there. Luckily, however, I am able to keep my title and position since I have been so knowledgeable. It only made sense because, even if I were to pass my title on to somebody else, I would still have to field the questions about various things as well as conduct some of the duties I already do because whoever took my position would not be able to learn all that I know in a short period of time. In fact, because I know my knowledge of the industry is growing and becoming all the more difficult to remember, I have toyed with the idea of creating a private knowledge base for my employees, and the employees that work for my company. Then again, I have also toyed with making this knowledge base available on-line publicly, but I know I would get fired for making confidential information about the internal workings of Cingular public. Stupid confidentiality agreements. I don't know, I just might do that. Gives me something to do with all that down-time that I've had at work lately. ;) The only remaining problem is figuring out where to host it and how to host it. I think I should host it as a protected part of my STP Software Development website (whenever I finally get around to starting it ;)).
Ideas...just ideas...

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AJ said...

Give it to me. I'll host it and keep it confidential. Scout's honor =)